Test equipements

With over 25 years of experience the High Power Research Laboratory is specialized in vacuum arc behavior based on the vacuum equipment investigation. 

The laboratory holds both modern equipment and test stands for rated, overload or short-circuit regime investigation.

The existent material base allows evaluating and analyzing important parameters for the quality of vacuum interrupters, e.g. post-arc current and chopped current.

Facilities and equipment

  • 50 MVA direct a.c. short circuit tests
  • Modern timing, control and protection circuits
  • Modern measurement and instrumentation systems
  • Test waveform display and analysis software developed in-house
  • Fiber optic data links between test cells and control devices
  • High Speed Video camera system


  • High-level research in the field of vacuum commutation
  • Certification tests
  • Equipment Development tests
  • Special case studies

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact:

  • Dr. Gheorghe Dumitrescu - Phone: (4021) 589-3439
  • Dr. Paula Angheliță - Phone: (4021) 346-4933
  • apel2@icpe.ro

Chopped current measurement facility

Chopped current measurement facility

Post-arc current measurement facility 

Post-arc current measurement facility

High Speed Video camera system

High Speed Video camera system:

  • Sensor resolution is 1,280H × 1,024V pixels for 1000 fps
  • Lens Schneider XENOPLAN 2.8/50 - C-Mount
  • Memory 4 GB
  • Trig In: Event trigger imput for the capture of transient events
  • Gigabit Ethernet connector
  • Sync In/Sync Out
  • USB 2 connector
  • IRIG B
  • Live Out - Live Video Output  NTSC/PAL
  • Power connector (24 Vdc, 1.6 A)
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