REVIR - Wind turbine for small wind speeds


The object of this patent is a wind rotor for low speeds winds, meant for usage as a main subunit for wind turbines which convert the energy of the wind in rotation mechanical energy, or pump water with direct connecting to the rotor axle.

The wind rotor consists in an axle and a flange on which some supports are mounted; these supports have bosses near the blade attachement area, semicircular blades shaped to form fish scales; the blades are tilted with angles α+, α- with values between 5º÷15º, and with angle ß with values between 5º÷40º. The microwirls produced increase the blades lift force as effect during operation.

The blades comprise the central plates shaped in circular crowns with different radiuses and centers, on which the elastic boards are connected simetrically on both sides; these boards have descending thicknesses and dimensions, placed in fish scales form, which generate microwyrls and increase blades lift force.

The advantages of this wind rotor are:

  • Production of higher rotation moment (couple) at the axle, in lower wind speeds
  • Reduced aerodynamic drag, increased lift force, improved conversion efficiency
  • Low noise level, easy construction and simple maintenance
  • Keeping the rotation speed constant on higher wind speeds – without cut-out
  • Cut-in speed is 0.5 m/s

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