About us

We are operating as manufacturers of electrical cables and conductors, designed especially for high temperature applications, using materials like: fluororesins TEFLON®, DYNEON®, HYFLON®, silicone rubber, fiberglass, PVC etc.

We started in 1985 and have been on a constant upward movement since. Our goal is to deliver goods of superior quality to our customers, thus all our products are created in conformity with SR EN ISO 9001/2001, SR EN ISO 14001/2005. We are also involved in several research projects, as our center develops also activities of research,and we are capable of offering superior services to our customers.

We are the single producer, from the romanian market, of electrical cables coated with fluoresin materials TEFLON®, DYNEON® and HYFLON®.

We are offering a complete range of electrical cables and conductors, including:

  • Coaxial cables
  • Detection cables
  • Compensation and extension cables for thermocouples
  • Heating cables
  • Bipolar cables
  • Halogen-free cables
  • electrical conductors
  • Stranded cables
  • At order

Our products are certified and may be used for many applications, depending on their configuration: data transmissions, electrical connections, heating, electrical equipments, industrial ovens etc. We are capable of offering high quality services as we fulfill 2 important needs: the qualification of the personnel and the necessary equipments.

The workforce employed both in the manufacturing and processing operations is very well trained,  theoretically and practically. Many employees are working in this department for decades. Strong bonds have been created between us as we have all the same goal: keeping our standards at a maximum level of efficiency and quality.

We also possess testing equipments belonging to the present generation technology, that may be improved, if necessary, as we know that the technological advancements and requirements are changing daily.

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