Sinusoidal Output Transducers

The resolvers belong to the category of angle electromagnetic transducers. They are supplied with an alternative single-phase voltage and generally have two output voltages which depend, according to a sinusoidal low, on the relative angle of the two armatures. According to the supply way, they fall into two categories: resolver whigh are directly supplied on the rotor winding, used on either limited angle, case in which they are supplied by means of flexible cables or on 360 degrees and, in this case, they arwe supplyed through some collecting rings, as well as as resolvers supplied by means of rotary transformer with a constant transformation ratio and the input and output winding terminals on the stator.

Icpe Messico has developed and produced a wide range of transmitter - type resolvers for military and industrial applications.

Advantages: Applications:
  • The resolvers with a pair of poles can be used as an absolute angle transducers
  • Resistance to mechanical stresses
  • Operation within a temperature wide range
  • Angle transducer proper
  • Angle transducer within the brushless motor control
Versions Resolver
06-rx-s 08_rx_s 15-rx-70_s arm-90_s
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