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Fail-safe Brake

The brakes are fail safe DC operated permanent magnet single-surface brakes characterized by the fact that the braking effect is produced by a permanent magnet (electromagnetically released system). This means that the required braking force is generated when voltage is removed. In order to cancel the braking effect, the permanent magnetic field is counteracted by an opposing electromagnetic field. These brakes ensure reliable brake release with zero residual torque in any mounting position and zero backlash during torque transmission and are especially suitable for servo motor applications.


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2-D Robot Table MR2D50-500-500

2-D robot table is a linear motor mechatronic system developed  in order to obtain precise movements at high speeds. The components are: steel frame, two linear synchronized tracks on the X-axis and one on the Y-axis. The linear X and Y tracks include ball bearing guides, linear motors, linear encoders, power cables, limit switches, track protection, support cables. The linear motors are synchronous permanent magnet brushless type, without iron, in a  bilateral construction. Each axis is controlled by a servo-drive.

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