During the last years, in all countries, urban transport raised specific problems and caused important political, social and environmental harms : pollution, noise, stress. That is why research and technological development activities are encouraged to provide clean and efficient transport, especially in European countries, USA and Japan. The laws regarding environmental protection focus on limiting the greenhouse gas emissions and Romania-wishing to integrate in the EU-must and wishes to follow the same direction.

An answer to the problems of environmental pollution is the electric vehicle (EV) , as an alternative mean of transport. That is why, in the last twenty years, the electric vehicle was re-discovered. Electric vehicles, which are mostly known for being clean and silent, were expected to answer to the growing demand for clean and efficient transport. Unfortunately, despite providing major environmental benefits as well as promoting new traffic management system, electric vehicles have not yet succeeded to assert on the car market and convince the prospective users.

Continuing the research of servomotors, in order to convince their capability for equipping electric cars, the department developed several EV prototypes:

Electric scooter Dacia Solenza
Electric scooter DACIA SOLENZA medium class car equipped with electric propulsion for the ELECTRIC CAR SHARING SYSTEM in București
Electric minibus Light Electric Vehicle LEV-1
Electric minibus Light Electric Vehicle LEV-1

They have been presented in Romania in 2002-2006. We performed exhibition, demonstration and drive test actions. Now, the department is able to offer high performance brushless drives for electric vehicles.

The Research Department from Electrical Engineering Co., Romania, has developed a series of propulsion systems for electrical vehicles (motor+drive) and has tested them as prototypes for light electric vehicles.

Electrical Engineering Co. - Servomotors Department can offer high performance DC drives for transport applications and are looking for partners for different types of collaboration in order to carry out electric vehicles and electric boats for different applications.

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