Light Electric Vehicle LEV-1

This first prototype is a light electric vehicle (LEV-1) designed to be a successful product, as a safe, affordable, environmental friendly effective mode of transportation. The Romanian LEV-1 is a four-wheeled platform, with a 25km/h top speed, equipped with a DC propulsion system, offering to the manufacturer the possibility of building several variants of electric cars. The LEV-1 has high efficiency, low weight, high safety and reliability, appealing design and affordable price/performance ratio, that's why it may be one of the first solution for an electric car successfully manufactured in Romania.

 Technical characteristics of the propulsion system are:

  • DC permanent magnet motor with a continuous power P=5 kW and maximum speed, n=2000 rpm
  • Supply voltage: 120 V DC (10 VRLA batteries 12V/55Ah each
  • Electronic converter
Vehicul electric ușor LEV-1 Vehicul electric ușor LEV-1

LEV-1 performances:

  • Top speed: 25-30 km/h
  • Load: 2 persons and max. 100 kg luggage
  • Autonomy: 2 hours at top speed.

Possible applications are:

  • Airports
  • Fairs and exhibitions
  • Commercial centers
  • Entertainment parks
  • Sport grounds/centers
  • Health resorts
  • Down-town
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