Icpe. The first 60 years Anniversary

Photos from the Snagov Event

Photos from the collegial reunion at Icpe

As expected, on the 28th of September, the guests came in great number.

Over 400 ex-employees arrived early in the morning anxious to see their colleagues and talk about old times spent in the company.

Each of them had received an Excellency Degree for their entire activity dedicated to Icpe, in order for the company to show it’s gratitude to the employers effort.

The guests were highly enthusiastic about this reunion, many of them had promised to repeat the experience in the future.

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Born in 1950, from a necessity of the real economy - country electrification - Icpe has become during its 60 years of continuous action, an world–wide actor and a global economy trend.

Today Icpe means a complex structure, covering a wide range of innovative concerns, linked by the ELECTRIC way.  Icpe has developed important projects that helped the country’s development in the last 60 years.  Intensive research, licenses, projects and various equipments had been accomplished. The first 60 years represent the destiny of the people who shared their life with Icpe and contributed to it’s prestige. Thanks to their professionalism, Icpe is today an important brand both in Romania and abroad.

In 2010, Icpe Group is celebrating 60 years since the inauguration. That is why a distinguished event is going to take place. The location is The Snagov Pallace, on the 30 th of September.  On this day Icpe is preparing a lot of surprises, as well as an exceptional show.

Timetable of the event on the 30 th of September 2010.


The steering committee is composed by Paul Pencioiu și Ionel Popa (Icpe), Ion Potârniche (Icpe -ACTEL), Ioan Străinescu (Icpe-SAERP), Grigore Vlad (Icpe Bistrița), Victor Nițiguș (Icpe-ME), Wilhelm Kappel (Icpe-CA). For detailed information, please contact us at the following mail adress: primii60@icpe.ro or 021 589 33 64.

Agenda of the anniversary events in 2010.

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27. Oct | CCIB Awarding
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