Solutions for Embedded Applications

Establishing the solution

Process analyzing service in order to establish the optimal solution or customer defined solution.


  • Complete hardware and software design - imply to build a prototype and the complete hardware and software documentation, which are the main support to the production stage.

  • Implementation on our general purpose hardware
    • Based on Texas Instruments TMS320LF2407A digital signal processor (16 bit processor, 40 MHz) 
    • 32 kWord (16 bit) EPROM
    • 2.5 kWord (16 bit) RAM
    • 32 kbytes serial EEPROM
    • LCD graphic display 128x240 pixels
    • 8 keys
    • RS232 serial interface
    • 3 analog output (0…10V)
    • 4 analog inputs (0…10V or -5…+5V)
    • 4 realys
    • 4 contact inputs
    • 4 outputs capable to drive solenoids
  • Implementation on third party hardware - using a third party embedded controller suppose the right controller selection, design application specific software and test the right functionality and performance.
  • Optimizing and maintenance 

    Full support for maintenance and technical support for customer improvement demands.

    For details, please contact us.

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